Chapter- 13

(Graamnirmaan kala)
|| Salutations to shreegurudeva ||


Haat phire tethe Lakhshmee Phire| Hey sootra dhyani thewoni khare|
Aapule graamachi karaave gojire| shaharaahooni ||1||

It is the eternal truth that Lakhshmi(The Goddess of wealth and prosperity) always exists there, where the cleaning hand is active. Considering this truth all should try to make their village clean and more beautiful than the cities.||1||

Hey gaaviche lok visarale | Aalasadwaare durdaiva shirale |
Dainya daaridrya sarvatra bharale | Gaavamaajee ||2||

The villagers have forgotten this and so the poverty has spread due to their idleness. (They became miserable) That is why the villages have been filled with poverty and wretchedness. ||2||

Shaharee yantraadike aalee | Gavachi udyogkala melee |
Kushal maanase shaharee gelee | udyogaasaathee ||3||

Big industries have grown up in the cities and the artisans of the villages have run to the cities to earn their livelihood. This has destroyed the arts and skills in the rural craftsmen.||3||

Shaharee gelee gaavachi buddhi | Shaharee gelee gaavachi samruddhi|
Kashtaaloo shakti, hastakala siddhi | Teyhee gelee ||4||

The skilled artisans have gone to the cities and alongwith them the intellect, talent, handcraft art, deligence and all glories also have gone with those exiled artisans from the villages to the big cities. ||4||

Gaavi uralee mukkhyatah shetee| Tee kashee bashee chaalawitee|
Vishesh buddhi, shakti, sampatti| yaancha ogha dusareekade ||5||

Then, only agricultural activities have remained behind in the villages. They are also performed by the villagers, ignorant of the scientific knowledge and modern techniques as the special talent and intellect, liking for hard work and wealth, all these have now turned away elsewhere. ||5||

Uttam shikhshit, samarthyawaan| Te nokarisaathi phiratee vanavana|
udyogdhande waa shetee kothoona| Hoyeel unnata gaavachee ||6||

Highly educated and energetic youngmen are roaming over the roads & streets in the big cities to seek employment. How can then the agriculture and village industry establish and flourish in the village itself? ||6||

Hey sarva jari lakhshaya puravitee| Tari chhote udyog aani sheti|
Nishchaye sarvaansi poshitee| Bekaar, deen koni nure ||7||

If all of them (highly educated and energetic intellectuals) pay careful attention to the rural agriculture and small industries in the villages, they can easily nourish the young unemployed individuals. Nobody will remain unemployed and miserable in the village. ||7||

Karana gaaveech kachchaa maala| Jyaavari jagata yeyee khusaal|
To gaavi pakkaa nohe mhanoni haal| Gaavache aamuchya ||8||

The main and sound reason behind it is that the raw material (necessary for the industries) is easily available in the villages. All can live happily (making the proper use of it). But this raw material is not used in village to produce the products and finished things. That is why the villagers have to face hardships and inadequacy. ||8||

Kachcha maal maatichya bhaave| To pakka hota choupateene ghyaave|
Maga graamjana kaise sukhee whaave? Pikawonee te hee upaashi ||9||

The raw material of the villages when is carried to the cities, it is sold at the lowest and cheapest prices. But when in the big industries, it is turned into ripe products the village folks have to purchase it by paying four times or more. How can the villagers become happy then? Finally even after toiling hard to produce the agricultural raw material, they have to suffer starvation. ||9||

Tyaanchya sukhaache mukhya saadhana| sarvato pari swaavalambana|
shaharaavaree na raahata avalambuna| kaam karaave sarvaanni ||10||

There is only one way for their happiness. The villagers should opt the way of self-reliance. Without depending upon the cities, they should get all the work done in the village ||10||

Uttama buddhi, koushalya, dnyaana| shaktisamarthya ikade yojoona|
Gaavi waadhavaave swaavalambana| Aalasa zaadon sarvaancha ||11||

Utilizing fully the excellent intelect; talent, knowledge of arts and skills and all manpower, energy and individual abilities, the villagers should develop the sense of self-reliance more and more. Idleness should find no place in the village ||11||

Jikade tikade swaavalambana prema| Gharogharee chaalave kaahi kaama|
Aapule karonee dusaryaas nishkaama| madat karavee maanavaanni ||12||

All family members of every house should form liking for self-reliance. Every house should produce something or other. Looking after our own activities, all should extend their help to other villagers without a desire for any return. ||12||

Gharee mulaa balaanni hi raabave| shetee, kaam dhande hastey karaave|
Bayaka poraansahit sukhee rahaave| kashta karoniya ||13||

The grown up children should also participate in extracting hard efforts on their own land and in their cottege industries. Thus, with all male and female members of the family should extract labour and try to become happy. ||13||

Haatee udyogaache saadhana | Mukhee Ramnaamache chintana|
Haachi dharma aahe mahaana | Gavakaree lokancha ||14||

The true duty of the villagers is to work with their hands and to remember devotionally the name of Ram with their mouths. ||14||

Gaavaacha ekek ghataka| Banavaava kalavant-sewaka|
Jo aapule ghara surekha| karonee gaava shobhavee ||15||

Every individual of the village should be an expert artist in some art or other. They should become hard workers. Adorning and beautifying their own houses and making their life happy, they should develop the comeliness of village also ||15||

Kashta karanaaranche jeevana | shobha dete devaapramaana|
Swatah swaavalambee howoona | sahakaarya karee jo gaavashi||16||

The life of the hard workers becomes as beautiful as the heavenly life of Gods. Therefore everybody should become self-reliant on one hand and on the other hand should extend his co-operation to others according to their needs. ||16||

Pahile paaool gharacha dhanda | Dusare paaool daarachya prabandha|
Pudhe graamsafaaichya chhanda | Laavoni ghyaave aanande ||17||

Their first step is to attend to their own household duties in a proper way. The second step is to sweep and clean the front courtyard at the entrance of the house. Further they should form liking for cleaning the village and enjoy pleasure in doing it. ||17||

Ase hey kashtaache swaroopa | waadhaveet jaave aapoaap|
Nana kalaanche dene roop | kashtalagee shikaave ||18||

Every individual must try hard to learn some art or other to render hard work. He should learn the proper method and procedure to utilize the skill of that art in performing his own activities. ||18||


Kalaa asey maanavaasi bhooshana | Pari paahije jeevanaache tyaat smarana|
Jagaave sukha samaadhaana | Dharoniyaa antaree||19||

Art is an ornament of a man. But the artist must not forget the realities of life. His way of living life should make his mind happy and fully satisfied. ||19||

Aisee asaavi sarva kala | Naahitaree waaya gela|
Praani janmala aani mela | Naahakachi||20||

One should have such an art. Otherwise, possessing highest skill in some great art, all the family members of that artist will have to live in a very miserable poor condition (As he does not make a proper use of his art & skill). His house life becomes most unsuccessful and meaningless. ||20||

Kalenech maanasaachi olkha | Eravhi kona pusato aanika |
Tumhee aahaat rava ki ranka | Aata konee pusena ||21||

Man is tested and recognised by the art and attribute he possesses. If one has developed no art and skill, none gets interested in him and to care for him whether he is rich or poor. ||21||

Jaree asale konee dhanawaana| Taree whaave tyaanni kalapoorna|
Yaatachi aahe shahaanpana| shrimantaanche||22||

Some individual may be a very rich one. He must learn and develop some art or other. There lies the wisdom of that rich man. ||22||

Naahitari gharache sarvachi betaal| Sumajena gaane-waajawane sam-kaal |
Pari gaanare aanunee khushaal | Jaagarana karavitee prayaase ||23||

Otherwise, it so happens that nobody knows a little about music, singing, playing on musical instruments, the rhythm, the proper tunes etc. in the family. All are totally unrhythmical and discordants. Yet, bringing a team of singers, they take trouble and spend the whole night in a row. ||23||

Mhanatee aamuchaa utsava mahaan| karaave kaahee navaraatra mhanon|
Yaasaathee aanile gaanaare kalaavaan| devaapaashi ||24||

(They say) we have a great `Navaraatree'celebration at our home. Some good programme should be presented before the God of the ceremony, we have invited some master singers. ||24||

Aamhaas kaaheech kalena| Mhanoni bolaavile aikanaaraana|
Tyaannee aikaavya gaanyaacha taana| Aamhi hasaave paahonee ||25||

We don't have any knowledge of music so we don't have ear for it. Therefore, we have invited some knowing listeners. They will enjoy the melodious `Taan' of the singers and (being ignorant of music) we'll look at the singers and laugh at them. ||25||

Kaaya karaavee aisee reetee? Aapanaasi nasey jyaachi matee|
Tyaapekhsha aapanahee shikaavee konatee| kala aangee ||26||

If we don't know ABC of any art, why should we unnecessarily indulge in it. It is better to learn and acquire knowledge and if possible, a good skill in some art by ourselves. ||26||

Dusaryaacha raajhansa barava| Aapala asenaa ka paarava|
Pari swawalambee kalecha raava| Bolawaava pratyekaane ||27||

Others may have a beautiful white goose with them. But if we possese even a pigeon it is better than that goose. (i.e. we must not get jealous of the best things owned by others but should be satisfied with what we have of our own.) Everybody should try to make his parrot speak well. (i.e. everybody should acquire some art or other.) ||27||

Aho! Jeevanaachi ek tari kala| Asaavi laagate maanawaala|
Tareech to `manava' shobhala| Naahitaree kallaa jeewanaacha ||28||

Friends! Every individual must possess some art or other in his life. Then he will earn the worthiness of to be titled as `the man'. Otherwise man's life will become nothing less than a commotion. ||28||

Goda bolanyaachi kala| Netake raahanyaachi kala|
Anga mehanateechi kala| Aavashyak aahe jeevanaasi ||29||

(If you can't acquire any fine arts) There are some attributes which everybody must acquire and make his life. For example, he must acquire to speak in a sweet tongue, to behave neatly and trimly by himself and with others, art of extracting hard physical labour etc. They are extremely essential to live as a good human. ||29||

Sundar lihine akshar olee| spashta waachane pustake sagalee|
Jaraa na disey taalataalee| kothehee kalaavantaachee. ||30||

There are some more attributes which one must acquire. Charecters that you write should be neat, clear and legible, written in a straight line with equal distance in words and the writing should look like a row of pearls, While reading books, your pronunciation must be very clear taking pauses at right places and in a high and low tone as the matter of reading needs. There should be no hesitation in performing your duties. ||30||

Jeevanaat yaava saralpanaa| saadha saatwikatecha baana|
Rhudaya-nirmaltechaa nishaana| kalavantaancha dharma haa ||31||

It is the duty of the artist to seek straighness in his life and accomplishment of satwikta (purity & piousness). A flag of purity should keep unfirled in his mind. ||31||

Eravhi kala sarvaannaach yete| Kalewaachoon naahi ritey|
Pari Taaratamya paahije tethe| Lokaanpudhe nyaavayaa ||32||

In fact, everybody is an artist and none is without possessing some art or attribute. But in exhibiting one's art and skill, he should have a sense of descretion of good and bad way. ||32||

Kashta karoni aapulya haate| Aadarsha karaave gharaate|
Asel jaree zopadee tey| Bhaasawaavee nandanavana||33||

Striving hard, one should make house neat and beautiful. He may have a small cottege or an humble hut. He should try hard to make it like a beautiful paradise by his skill and art. ||33||

Maatee milawoni gharey baandhalee| Pari chunyaapekhshahee sundarata aalee|
Thodake paise laawoonee kelee| Rachaana sagalee gharaanchee ||34||

If one uses his skill and art, he can make his mud house more beautiful than any other house built in mortar. You can plan your house and build it using your art and skill and by spending very little money. ||34||

Aapalyaa gaaveech witaa kelyaa| Madakee-surayaa otalyaa, bhaajalya|
kaweloo-kundyaasahit nirmilyaa| Aapulyaa gaavee ||35||

Bricks, ewers, goblets, tiles, vases and flower pots can be made and baked in our own village. What we need to do all this, is some skill, art, talent and intellect. ||35||

Lakade taasoni saral kelee| Tyaat saatwikatechee pratima bharalee|
Gaavachyaa sutaraala aalee| kalaa aamuchya ||36||

The village carpenters can chip the logs of wood and make them straight and smooth. Making it plain, he can prepare decorative and artistic articles using his intellect and pious virtues and beautify his house ||36||

Gaaveech kele haatode-khiley| Aairanee, kurhaadee, saapale, viley|
Paawale-kudalyaa, shinke aani sagale| saamaan jeevanaache ||37||

In the village itself, our village iron-smith can make hammers, nails, anvils, axes, traps, sickles, hoes, spades etc. which are useful in our daily house life as well as in industries. ||37||

Dagad phodoni phaalee kelee| saral chiredaar taaponi chhatalee|
Imaaratees basavita disalee| sundar sagalee ||38||

By cutting & chipping the stones, paves and slabs can be made by our village stone-masons. When these stones are turned in rectangular paves and used for flooring our houses and buildings, they look beautiful and can be easily washed and cleaned. ||38||

Phade, zaadanee, chatai, nawaar | palang, paayapos, mot, sandor|
Sunder kele daware, wakhar| navyaa dharteeche ||39||

Our talanted artisans can make brooms, mats, door mats, leather buckets, sandor(rope) etc in their own villages. The tools useful for farming like Daware and wakhar etc.(these are the implements made of wooden logs for sowing seeds, and other farming activities) are made by the village artisans. ||39||

Kaapoos pinjoni soot kaadhale| Sundar vastra sweater vinale|
Beradya, musake, dor banavile| Jaale utaarisahit ||40||

Combing cotton, spinning thread on the spinning wheel, beautiful cloth can be woven from the fine fibre and from that cloth and fibre beautiful clothes can be tailore, sweaters can be woven, and knitted. Muzzles, ropes and other things useful for farming can be produced from it. ||40||

Konee kelee sheteechi rachana| Dhure, bandhare, waafe naana|
Paahata disatee sundar laina| sheteemaaji ||41||

Some farmers create mounds (small dams), beds in the field and erect raised border line around their fields. The crops when grow appear in straight lines and the whole sight of the field looks very beautiful. ||41||

Zaade disatee oleet baddha| saral, sundar, hiravee shuddha|
Gharamaalakachi karee khudda| kaam aapulyaa haataanni ||42||

The owner of the house extracts hard work by himself. So all the trees around his house and on the edges of his field are carefully planted by him in a straight line. These pure green trees make the whole environment pure and fresh. ||42||

Gharaabhowatee baag kelee| saandpaanyawari zaade waadhaleel|
Pholaa phulaanchi ropey velee| Bhaajipaala nityaacha ||43||

He creates a beautiful small garden around his house. The trees and plants grow on the waste water. He grows fruits, flowers and vegetables to fulfil his daily needs. ||43||

Gharaatooni baaher disenaa paanee| prawaaha karitase aatuni|
Dhoor jaatase dhuraadyaatooni| Gothyaat gomutra na saache ||44||

He can intelligently make all good arrangements in his house such as, for carrying waste water from his house, he has used a pipe and supplied the waste water through it to the trees and plants in the garden. Thus he can stop the waste water from spreading around and making the surroundings muddy and dirty. Raising the chimney, he can give an outlet to the smoke straightway out high up in the air and saves his kitchen from the blockage and stuffing of the smoke. He will not allow the cow-urine saturated in the cow-pen or elsewhere. ||44||

Gharaamaajee nirmalpana| Taaptipiche vartana|
pratyek vastu thevilyaache sthaana| saral disey paahataachi ||45||

Cleanliness should be maintained in the house in all corners. The family members should have tidiness and neatness in their activities inside the house. Everything in the house should be placed at a particular fixed spot for it and always be put there only so that everything can be found out easily. ||45||

Sarva vastunchi lihilee naave| Saaman gheta na lage saangave|
Ghari yetaachi disate barave| kaaya aahe ||46||

All The containers should bear the names of things they contain. Nobody will have to enquire about any thing he needs nor he will have to take trouble to search for it. One can easily understand and remember from where he can pick up the thing required. ||46||

Daarasamor je je disale | Te Te kalenechi sundar sajale |
Aapulyaach gaavee nirmile | kalaakaraanni ||47||

Everything that kept at the entrance of the house should be beautiful and artistically decorated. All such decorative things should be obtained from the village artists and locally made. ||47||

Jaraa na disate usanee aita | parakiyaankadoni karavila thaat |
samaan aanile bharamasaat | paradeshiche ||48||

If you bring some imported decorative articles made in foreign countries and set up by the decorators, your decoration will exhibit a borrowed pomp and show. This will not happen if you use the decorative articles made by the local village artisan and set them up properly by him. ||48||

Je disale te apalyaach gaavache | Athawa praantiche, deshiche |
Tene koutukachi aamuche | sarva karitee ||49||

Whatever we bring at our house must be made by local village artist or brought from the provinces in the country or produced elsewhere in our country. The visitors when will see all things made in our country, they will definitely praise and admire you. ||49||

Aisee gharaa daarachi sundarata | Aapanachi aanaavi swataa |
koneehi doley bharooni paahata | prasanna hoto antaree ||50||

In this way when we bring comeliness and beauty to our house by putting ourselves to hard work, it will clearly bring pleasant appreciation upon the face of our visitors Then they will stare at the decoration to the fullest satisfaction of their eyes. ||50||

Aaisee kala asaavi kashtaarjita | swaavalambee udyoge unnata |
Nakhshikhaanta ojahee tyaat | jo jeevan jaagavee deshaache ||51||

In this way our art should be self-earned by constant hard practice. It will grow the habbit of self-reliance as well as diligence in us. Such art will sustain vitality and brilliance in us as well as exhibit our national life. ||51||

Kunaachi kala shareer bhushavi | kunaachi ghari taaptip darshavee |
kunaachi kala gaavachi sajavee | housene aapulya ||52||

Somebody's art will adorn our physical beauty. Somebody's art will create neatness and tidiness in his house. Somebody's art will enrich the beauty of the village as per his pleasure ||52||

Maanavi kala gaava shobhavee | Gaavachi kala praant jagavee |
Praantaachi kala desh bhushavee | vaishishtyaane ||53||

The art of local villages will add to the glories of the provinces in which those villages are. The art of the province will enhance the glory of the nation and manifest the particular characterestics of that province. ||53||

Hee sarva kalaakusaree | Maanavaasachi saadhe baree |
Pari yojakataa asaavee antaree | kalavantaanchya ||54||

All these arts, attributes and skills can be sought only by human beings. The real need in these is the skillful planning of the correct and imaginative application at the right place and at the right time. ||54||

Naahitari topa shiree videshi | aani khaadi pancha kateesi |
Maruteeche tonda Lambodoraasi | Aise hote ||55||

If this sence of appropriate application of the things is absent in the man, he will put a foreign cap on his head and wear a short dhotee of khaddar around his waist. This will look as strange and full of mockery as setting the head of Marooti on the torso of Ganapati. ||55||

Ekaane diwaankhana sundar kela | paahataanna aanand zaala |
pari shouchyakoopachi bighadala | hotaa tyaacha ||56||

Some gentleman decorated his drawing room very beautifully and artistically. But the coarse coustruction of his latrine tank became faulty through some error of mason. ||56||

Parichaya ghenaara aala gharee | prathamachi chadhala shouchya gruhaa bhitaree |
Aat pasaralee ghaan saari | swachchhata khari disena ||57||

A visitor came to this gentleman to get introduction with him. Very first, he went into the latrine. To his horror, he found the latrine with dirt terribly spread all over. There was no slightest spot of cleanliness in the whole latrine. ||57||

Maga paahile swayampaak ghara | kaande, bataate yaanche photar |
chuli aatachi raakh-kera | zaadoo hi navhata laagala ||58||

Then he turned to the kitchen room. He found there the peels of onions and potatoes lying in a scattered state. He found that the fire place for cooking (An earthern stove) was full of ash and the stuff of garbage. The kitchen room seemed not cleaned or swept for many days. ||58||

Paanacha pik koparyaat | kapataamage ghana bahut |
Dumadunee baghataa sundar bichhayata | kachara, kaagad tya khalee ||59||

The corner of the house was smothered with red sprinkles of chewed batel spitting. A heap of dirt and dust has been accumulated behind the cupbords. The bed and carpt seemed very beautiful on surface but when he lifted the carpet just a little, he found their dust and scraps of paper lying under it. ||59||

Mhane wa ho kalaavant | Bagha jaraa jaavoni aat |
Saravana zaale naahi saat | Diwasaapasoni disatase ||60||

The visitor said to the gentleman," O great artist! just go in and have a glance. It seems that no sweeping and clening has been done for the last seven days". ||60||

Baaki sagale kele sundara | Pari evadhechi gaalbot tyaavara |
Aise aso naye antara | kalemaajee ||61||

"You have decorated everything very artistically and beautifully. but this uncleanliness and spread dirt has become a lampblack (stain) to the whole beauty and decoration". There should be no place for such fault in the true artist. ||61||

Kala asaavi sarva nipuna | Aat, baaher nirmal poorna |
Haat phire tethe Lakhshmee dhaavona | yete maga ||62||

Any art or attribute must be complete in all its aspects. It must be pure and clean from inside to outside. If it is maintained so, Lakhshmi (The Goddess of wealth) will herself run and follow your hands wherever the touch of your hand makes cleanliness, purity and neatness. ||62||


Yaapari kalene ghara sajavile | Aapule jeevan sundar kele |
pari gaava asel bighadale | Tari tey soundarya tikena ||63||

If you employ your art and skill to make your own house beautiful and well decorated but the village has been impaired, the beauty of your decoration will not sustain. ||63||

Kaalya shareeravari kod | Taise disel te ekate dhend|
Mhanoni gaava karaave aadarsha sughad | kalaani aapulya ||64||

Your only well decorated beautiful house in the dirty and impaired village will look like a white spot of leucoderma on the black skin of the body. Therefore (along with your own house) you must make your village also beautiful and well decorated employing all the best skill and arts that you possess. ||64||

Gaavee asaavi sewak-mandale | jyaanna `Mukhee Ram, haati kaam' hey kaley |
Akhand chalavitee kaamaache sohale | Graama seve saathee ||65||

Workers committees should be framed including such social workers who know the art of `The name of God on lips and work of the village in hands'. They will implement some plan or other constantly for the service to the village. ||65||

Shramadaanache saptah ghevonee | Raste durusta karaave sarvaanni |
shoshakkhadde, moryaa karoni | saandpaani thambawaave ||66||

By arranging the `Shrama daan saptaha' (A week to render free labour and hard efforts) under which, all the streets and paths in the village should be properly repaired. The workers should dig up soak pits, build gutters, make underground channels so that the waste water from the house will not be seen spread any where and will be well disposed of. ||66||

Rastyaamaajee ekaaryaa asatee | pandan zaali nimulatee |
Gokharu,kaate, zudupe waadhati | sarva vyavastha laavavi ||67||

If there are deep wheel ruts swagging on the roads, if the cart road has become narrow, they should repair it. If thorny bushes, wild plants of Gokharu etc. have grown up in the middle of the streets and roads, they all should be removed and the roads should be made passable. ||67||

Dob saachate, padatee derey | Theek karaave maargee saare |
shouchyagruhe hee navya prakaare | Nirmaavi sarvaansaathi ||68||

If there are puddles saturated with dirty water or small mounds or heaps have formed in the streets, they should be removed and disposed of. Similarly the latrines of modern system should be built up (where the sweepers are not needed). ||68||

Nadi, talyaakaathachi swachchhata | Tethe poor,ghaat aadinchi vyawastha |
utpaadan waadhawaaya tatwata | upayog ghyaava jalaacha ||69||

Open land around the river or pools should be made clean. The river banks, quay and stone stairs should be constructed on both the sides of the river. The river water should be fully utilized for increasing agricultural production. ||69||

Gaavateel maarga, vihiri, ghare| sundar sajawaavi pashunchi kutire|
Thai thai mutrighare| Naalya karane nirmaana ||70||

The streets and roads in the village, the water wells, houses and sties and pens of the cattle should also be cleaned and decorated beautifully. Urinals should be built here and there and gutters and channels should be created throughout the village. ||70||

Sadakaanchiya dutarphaa chhana | sarvaanni karaave vrukhshaa ropana |
Dhole thewaave madha madhaatuna | kachara tyaat takaavaya ||71||

Beautiful trees should be planted along both the skirts of the streets. Dustbins should be placed in between along the roadsides and near the house to deposit the rubbish and garbage from the houses. ||71||

Chahu dishanni gaava sundar | waarey karot jeevansanchaar |
kothehi ghaan konee ghara | paahataana na disave ||72||

In this way, the whole village should be made beautiful on all the four sides. Pure and fresh air should blow towards the village from all the four directions. If any of the village houses is visited,no dirt, dust and uncleanliness should be seen anywhere. ||72||

Ghare modaki asatil kothe | sarvaanni jaave tayaa waate|
Miloni karaave chokhate | `Haa hee aamucha' mhanoniya ||73||

If some poor villager's house is dilapilated and is about to fall, all should go for his help considering that he also belongs to them. All should extend full co-operation to repair or rebuild his house. ||73||

Ghare khidakyaaveen andhaari | kondat, damat, basaki saaree |
Guraancha gothaa gharaa bhitari | Aise raahu na dyaave ||74||

The houses should have windows and ventilators. There should be no darkness and dampness in the houses. They should not be much low and humble. The cattle pens & sties should not be inside the houses. ||74||

Gotey, otey karaave durusta | kapare, khandaare gairshista |
Raahu na dyaave astaavyasta | waakade tikade ||75||

The rocks and pebbles on the roads and streets should be removed. If the extended verandahs of some houses are coming in the way, they should be chopped off and repaired neatly. they should not be allowed to create hinderance to the traffic. ||75||

Hey sarva khanoni kadhave | Dori laina dharoni nave |
Mokalechokale maarga karaave | ulhaasawaave janaloka ||76||

By marking a straight line, all the encroachments on the roads and streets should be chopped off and the roads should be made straight and spaciously wide. They should be so wide that while walking along the roads, the passers should feel pleasure. ||76||

Maargee nasaava laakud gota | saaph disaavyaa chaari wata |
koni adalaa asela karanta | Tyaas walawaave gaavaane ||77||

Logs of wood, stones and rocks should not come in the way as stumbling blocks. All the four directions should be seen clearly and if any illfated adamant individual stands to oppose widening the street, all the villagers should deal with him convincingly but in a very straight forward manner to make him understand. ||77||

Kump-kaati, gavatee shaakaar | Gaavi nasaava shakyatowara |
udave-hudey, punjaa-ker | Bhalataisaa raahoo na dyaava ||78||

The villagers should not use thorny fences and grass roofs as far as possible. Similarly, there should be no untidy heaps of grass, litter etc. ||78||

Phaasa, gavat ganjee, kadabaguda | Bhoos, upanane athawaa khalawaad |
kumbhaar aawa, agnikund | surakshhit jaaga nemaavya tyaanchya ||79||

Separate spots should be allotted to the heaps of thorny branches, piles of grass,lines of haulm, winnowing husks, furnace of the potter, fire pits etc. ||79||

Melee janaavare kothehi nelee | Gaavabharee ghaan, mas-hade ali |
Aise na whayaa paahije nemilee | jaaga udhadanya-gaadanyaachi ||80||

Dead animals and cattles should not be taken for burial at any place not suitable for it. Bones and flesh of such dead animals, if thrown away carelessly, will spread all over the village. So separate spots out of the village should be reserved and provided to bury or to tear off the dead animals. ||80||

Jethe tethe soochanaphalaka | Laavile paahijet maargadarshaka |
shobhawaaveta rastey chowk | Thoraanchiya navaanni ||81||

Notice boards should be placed at various spots wherever they are necessary. Similarly, boards indicating the roads and street maps should be posted to guide the incoming visitors. The streets and squares should be named after the great and glorious personages and national heroes. ||81||

Maargaavari andhaar padey | Tethe prakaashachi vyawastha ghade |
Aise karaave chahukade | kaaryakartyaanni ||82||

The village workers should make proper arrangements of lightening all along the streets to avoid darkness. ||82||

Gaavi shaala nirmaan karaavee | kondawaadyaachihee vyawastha whaavi |
Bajaar, gujaree awashya asaavi | soyee saathi vyawasthita ||83||

A school should be built up in the village. A fold to keep the stray cattle should also be made available. Day market and the evening markets should be held for the convenience of the villagers. ||83||

Naahitaree gaavi baajar bharala | shista naahi dukanaala |
konataahi maal kothe thewala | zaala sagala kallola ||84||

Otherwise, if the shops in the market are not arranged and set up in a neat and well planned manner and if the goods and articles in the shops are not arranged systematically, there will be a great commotion and confusion and it will create discomfort to the consumers. It will create troubles to the shopkeepers as well as to the customers. ||84||

Lok ekmekaas khetatee | kaahikaanche khise kaapatee |
naahi samajatee chaal reeti | Manuskeechi ||85||

When there is a great rush and crowd of marketing folks, people pass closely pushing and knocking each other. In such rush the pick pocketers easily cut the pockets of people. Nobody has consciousness of humanity there. ||85||

Taroon paahatee bhalateekade | Bol bolati wedewaakade |
chaalatee ikade, paahatee tikade | Tene dhakke basati lokaa ||86||

The youths roaming at their pleasure in the market always stare and look shamelessly where they should not look (i.e. they are always on the trail of females in the market). They utter indecent and obscene comments and remarks. While going through the marketing crowds, they look here and there and give violent pushes to other passers by. ||86||

Koni madhyech maal upanatee | khuntyaa gaadaatee, gaadyaa sodatee |
Bakaryaa gayee mokaat phiratee | Madhyech mandatee mirachyaahee ||87||

(When the sellers and shopkeepers bring their goods and articles) Some sellers empty their carts and put their goods in heaps at any place in the market, some bury pegs anywhere they like to raise tent roofs on their stalls and shops. Cows and goats move freely in the market through the rows of shops. In such untidy and indisciplined crowd of shops and customers, somebody empties the sacks of chillies. ||87||

Laina naahi dukananprati | koneehi kothe maal mandatee |
ya sarvaanmuley hotey phijitee | Ghenaaraa ani denaraanchi ||88||

The shops are not arranged in line properly and if the sellers pile goods and articles untidily anywhere, both the sellers and the buyers face discomfort. ||88||

Tyaat mashaancha gholaka | koni mhanenaa konaa aikaa |
sarvatra paisa kamaavanyaacha zoka | chalatase housene ||89||

Flies buzz and whirl over the sweet meats. But all are in such a hurry in earning money that none can listen to anybody. ||89||

Konee mhanel aise kaa karato? Dukaandaar mhane aamhi kar deto |
Mag aamhaala kona kaaya mhanato? sangaa sangaa ||90||

If somebody challenges any shopkeeper for his misbehaviour, he quickly rejoinders "we pay taxes." "We are not sitting here free of charge. Who can then challenge us?" ||90||

Aise jethe tethe hotey | Durust karaave sagale tethe |
premaane saangoon paahata sarwaanumate | konee hatta karina ||91||

Such indisciplined and disorderly behaviour is seen everywhere. If you find such commotion in the market, you should try to bring it in proper order and discipline in it. If all of you try to convince the shopkeepers they will not be so adamant and obstinate about it. ||91||

Aapule jemwha jana na aikatee | Temwha sabha dwaare karaavi durustee |
Saangoon paahaave sarkaaraprati | Durusta karaaya gaava saarey ||92||

However, if you find that these indisciplined shopkeepers don't listen to your requests, a meeting of the villagers should be called to decide the problem. You can request the government also to make necessary reforms and repairs of the village condition. ||92||

Mukhya aapalee asaavi samiti | Jee sundar theveel baajarapratee |
wajane, maape, maal, jaaga paddhati | sarva chokh karaavaya ||93||

But main thing is that you should have your own reformation committee. It will arrange the market neatly and systematically. You must insist upon the accuracy of weights and measures. Importance must be given to the purity and honesty in the goods and the marketing system. ||93||

Sarvaanchya pikaanchiya rakhshana | Gaavi yewoo na dyaaya waanrsena |
aishyaahi karaavya samitya, sanghatana | Naana karyaastava ||94||

Some committieess and organisations should be raised to protect the crops of the farmers. The bands of monkeys should be prevented from destroying the crops. In this way each and every activity of the village should be controlled by the various committees and organisations. ||94||

Sarvangeen asaavi graam rachana | Manoranjanaa sahit puravaavya bhawana |
Jenekaroon graam vaasiyaana | Aathava na ye shaharaacha ||95||

The whole structure of the village should be planned considering all aspects and should be perfect. Due consideration should be given to the recreation and entertainment of the villagers. In no matter and aspect the villagers should remember the cities (i.e.all the comforts and conveniences of the cities should be made available in village itself) ||95||

Vyaakhyaane, kirtane, kalaa pathak | waadviwaad, powaade, Naatake saatwika |
Aisee nitya navanavee karamanuka | Gaavi chaalawaavi sarvaanni ||96||

With the co-operation of all, various programmes for entertainment like lectures, devotional discourses, kirtans presentations by kalaa pathak, debates, patriotic minstreisy (powada), religious and historical plays and dramas should be arranged from time to time. ||96||

Ek asaava sundar baag | Tyaat manaswaasthyaachehee asaave anga |
prasannata waadhaaya nana rang | vrukhsa, veli, lata kunja ||97||

A beautiful garden should be created in the village. There the villagers can seek healthy serenity of mind, for their tranquility and delight there should be colourful flower plants, creeping plants and bowers should be developed in the garden. ||97||

Tyaat kreedangane, paalane | Baalak-yuwakaanchi prasannavitee maney |
Jaati pateeche visaronee radgaane | sahabhojane chaalwaavi ||98||

For the pleasure of the children and the youths, there should be play grounds and cradles in that garden. Common dinners should be arranged so that all will forget castism and communalism. ||98||

Gaavee vishraamgruha asaave | jyaat paahune utsaahi barave |
sarvaas mukta dwaar thewaave | utaravinyaa saathee ||99||

One rest house should be built in the village. It should be open to all without any restrictions. Guests and the enthusiastic travelers should be accommodated there without any discrimination. ||99||

Tethe asaavi sundar viheer | paanee pinyaasi thandgaar |
wachane saavee udbodhak, sundar | Bhintivari sarva ||100||

In the vicinity of that rest house, a beautiful well should be dug and built and sweet cold water should be provided to the guests & travelers. Some awakening dictums should be written on its walls in beautiful and good alphabets. ||100||

Karaava sundar aakhada | Muley bagadatee ulhase tadatada |
Aadarsha matla khelaadundra dhada | Girawaavaya ||101||

There should be a good gymnasium in the village. There the children and youths should be seen playing enthusistically. They should be encouraged to follow ideal professional wrestlers. ||101||

Sundar mulaanchi shareere | Disatee gulab jaise gojire |
Baagachi phulale harebhare | supuraanche ||102||

With regular practice and exercises the bodies of the children should appear graceful and they should look like blooming fresh rose flowers. The gymnasium should look as if a garden of the virtueous sons has blossomed. ||102||

Sundar asaave waachanaalaya | Naana grantha dnyaanmaya |
karaavaya subuddhicha udaya | Gaava lokee ||103||

A good library should be set up in the village and books and volumes imparting knowledge should be made available there. ||103||

Kaaya chaalale jagaamaajee | kalaave gaavee sahaja sahajee |
Mhanoni vrutrapatre asaavee taajee | Aakashwaanini tya thaiee ||104||

Daily news papers should be placed in that library so that the villagers can have an up to date knowledge of what is going in different parts of the world. A radio set also be supplied to have day to day information as well as for entertainment. ||104||

Taisechi asaave hastalikhit maasik | Akhshar gaawaache whaayaa surekh |
lekhan chitraadee kalaanche koutuka | waadhel gaavee ||105||

A hand written magazine should be introduced. The villagers should be encouraged to write articles in their own handwriting. It will help to make their handwriting beautiful with fine mould. It will also help to admire and applaud the writing skills as well as artistic pictures prepared by the village writers and good drawing artists. ||105||

Sahaj kalaave vichaar aani vrutta | Mhanoni phalaa asaava choukaata |
Tee janu Dnyaaneshwaraanchi bhinta | Dnyaan deyee sarvaansi ||106||

In the main square of the village, a black board should be set up on which, important headlines and news items, good thoughts, preceptive dictums of great personages should be exhibited everyday. This black board should become the wall of Dnyaaneshwar imparting knowledge. ||106||

Akshar shatrunna saamarthya yaave | Mhanoni proudha shikhshana chaalawaave |
Gharaa gharaawaree number dyaave | Naamapaatee lawoniya ||107||

Adult educating classes should be run for illeterate male and female in the village to make them to read and write and to know easy mathematical calculations. House numbers should be given to every house and alongwith that house number, a name plate of the house holder should be exhibited at the entrance of the house. ||107||

Guraa dhoraanchi aushadhe jaanatee | saahya whaave tya graminampratee |
Anubhoot nusakhe, lokgeetaadi kitee | sangraha tyaancha karaava ||108||

Old experienced folks knowing the medicines and cure all remedies on the diseases of the cattle should be helped and aided. A collection of such medicines and remedies be prepared. Similarly a collection of folk songs based on the long standing experiences of such old folks should be made and carefully cherished. ||108||

Gaavache aarogya asaave uttama | Sarva praanimaatraansi laabhave khshema |
Mhanonee chalawaave aarogyadhaama | Gaavamaajee ||109||

A hospital or a dispensary should be run in the village to keep the people and their cattles in a good health and hygiene. ||109||

Aaapulyaach gaavachi vrukhsha valli | kandamule aanoni aushadhe keli |
Nisarga upachaara sahit dilee | paahijet vaidye ||110||

The village physician should use the easily available medicinal roots, leaves etc and prepare medicines out of them. He should use them to cure the patients and employ a natural treatment upon the patients. ||110||

Chaalawaave aishya vaidyaampratee | sarpaadi vishey utarviti |
Ghaava bujaviti, haade julaveeti | Aushadhe aisee anubhawonee ||111||

The villagers should keep such a physician permanently in the village who knows how to use antidotes upon snake poisons, healing up cuts and wounds, setting up broken and fractured bones, bandaging them and rejoining them. ||111||

Jethe purushaancha dawaakhana | Tethe havee sootika gruhaahachihee yojana |
Dohonchi hee aavashyakta graamjana | Bhasatase atyanta ||112||

Near the hospital for general treatment to the male patients, a maternity hospital should also be set up. The villagers badly need both the hospitals for male and female. ||112||

Gaavache vaidya, gaavachyaa sueenee | Gaave ghyavya tayaar karoni |
Navanavee dnyaan saadhane devonee | sarvatoparee ||113||

The village itself should provide the necessary training to physians and midwives and make them fully knowing in the medical techniques. They should be provided with the up-to- date modern equipments, literature and essential treatment material. Both hospitals should have necessary equipment, store of essential medicines and trained physicians and midwives. ||113||

Gaavee asaave post sthaan | Twarit kalawaavaya vartamaan |
Parasparaancha vyawahaar poorna | patropatree chaalavaya ||114||

A village post office should be set up in the village for their convenient communications so that they can remit or receive their messages immediately. ||114||

Aishya sarvachi sukhasoyee | Lok karoo shakateel nishchayee |
swaavalmbee raahooni sarvahee | Deteel jemwha sahakaarya ||115||

If the villagers become self-reliant in this manner and extend mutual co-operation to each other, all will enjoy all comforts and conveniences in their own villages ||115||

Pratyekaacha kititari wel | shramashaktee aani buddhiche bal |
vyartha jaatase te upayogi sakal | Laavita gaava sukhi hoyee ||116||

If the villagers have to run to the cities very often for getting some work done, much of their time, labour and power of intellect are wasted unnecessarily. If they find all the conveniences ready in their own villages they can utilize all their energy, time and talent there and then in the village and can become happy. ||116||

Aise gaava hota aadarshapoorna | shaharaahooneehi nandanvan |
sarvaanche kareel aakarshana | sundar jeevan Tukadya mhane ||117||

In this manner, if the village becomes such an ideal and self relient, it will become more pleasant than the eden garden in the heaven and than the cities. It will then become a source of attraction for all. (says so shrisant Tukadoji Maharaaj) ||117||

Iti shree Graamgeeta grantha | Guru-shastra-sawaanubhava sammat |
swaavalambi graama nirmaan kalaa-kathita | Teraava adhya sampoorna.||118||

In this way, the thirteenth chapter of this Graamgeeta scripture, which is well consented by the Guru, shastras and self experiences, in which the art of creating a self reliant village is fully described, is hereby concluded. ||118||

|| Sadgurunaath Maharaaj ki jai ||


1 If the village people start to heighten the work of cultivation with the power of males and females, with our talent and intellect and skill, the villagers will become self-relient. Therefore we all Vow that we shall live in villages and work for the upliftment of our villages. We shall not leave our villages and go to the cities to find employment.

2 We shall use the raw material of the village in our own village and produce the ready material from our labours. We shall make our village self-reliant.

3 All need to render physical hard work. Therefore with our physical hard work we shall recreate a new village.

4 All the essential things like clothes, wood for household needs, earthern pots, tiles, nails spades, hoes etc. as well as vegetables using the waste water of the villages will be produced in village itself by our hard work and we shall make the village self-sufficient.

5 We shall create the school, health centres, post office, libraries, rest houses and wrestling institutes in our village. The manpower and talent of the village, which go in vain, will be fully utilized in our village for the apliftment of the village.